Unfiltered Brewing Releasing 2019 Vintage of Commissar Russian Imperial Stout

HALIFAX, NS – Unfiltered Brewing has announced the latest vintage of a beer that is only brewed and released once every two years.

Commissar Russian Imperial Stout (11.2% abv) is a revival of a beer that Nash originally created during his time at the Hart & Thistle Brewpub. It’s described in Unfiltered’s typically profane fashion as follows:

Vintage-dated, oak-aged, rum-fortified, gorgeous bottles of sexy, sexy fluid. Having conditioned here in the brewery for six months, it’s drinking fucking fabulous right now. But these won’t peak for many years so bring your fucking wallets people!

The new edition of Commissar will be released tomorrow (Good Friday, April 19th) at 12:00 noon, and will be available in bottles at the Unfiltered retail store and on tap in the brewery’s Charm School Pub while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Unfiltered Brewing Facebook page

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