Henderson Brewing Announces Four New Retail Releases

TORONTO, ON – Henderson Brewing has announced details of four new beers that have recently hit the fridge in its retail store.

Super Tasty (5.3% abv) is a bottle conditioned adjunct lager with notes of “lime, fruit snacks, mango, and orange pith.”

The Flyer (12.5% abv) is a barrel-aged barley wine featuring “complex malty richness with alcohol warmth.”

Brown Derby (8.3% abv) is a barrel-aged Oud Bruin (Belgian sour brown ale) with flavours of “red wine, black currants, notes of tobacco, moderate lactic sourness upfront with notes of red berries offset with medium to high oak tannins.”

One Louder (8.3% abv) is a Vermont-style double IPA that offers “sweet hop fruitiness of citrus, orange juice with slight grapefruit, [and] juicy character.”

All four beers are available now at Henderson while supplies last.

Source & Photos: Henderson Brewing mailing list

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