Longwood Brewery Brings Back Quinceotica Graff

NANAIMO, BC – Longwood Brewery has announced the return of its unique take on a graff, a type of beer/cider hybrid that is not often seen.

Quinceotica Graff (5.5% abv) was brewed using locally grown quince from Quinceotica Farm rather than the more typical apples, and is described as follows:

If history were to judge, we are sure that Nostradamus and Aphrodite would approve of this slightly malty, yet cidery beverage. Many bushels of the fantastically fragrant quince have been pressed and blended to create a slightly tannic and fruity Graff with a medium effervescence.

Quinceotica Graff is available now at Longwood, and is being distributed to local private liquor stores this week.

Source: Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter
Photo: Longwood Brewery Facebook page

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