Phillips Brewing Releases First Bjorn Norwegian Table Beer

VICTORIA, BC – Phillips Brewing has announced a wide release for a beer previously available as a tasting room exclusive.

First Bjorn Norwegian Table Beer (3.5% abv) is described as follows:

This delicious table beer features the unique Kveik yeast which is the real star of the show. Results of generations of Norwegian farmhouse brewing, its genetic makeup is extremely diverse from other brewing yeasts. Being able to ferment at an astonishing 45c is unparalleled with other yeasts and the result is a very clean flavour profile with prominent citrus aromas. Featuring an Os-lo ABV of 3.5% with lots of citrus flavour, this table beer is sure to leave an impression on your next session.

First Bjorn is available now in 473 ml cans at Phillips and select private liquor retailers in British Columbia while supplies last.

Source: Phillips Brewing mailing list
Photo: Phillips Brewing Twitter feed

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