Stonehooker Brewing Opens Taproom in Mississauga

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Just a few days after the launch of its retail store, a new brewery in Mississauga’s Port Credit neighbourhood has announced the opening of its taproom.

Stonehooker Brewing has been established by owner Ross Noel and brewer Adam Cherry, and is named after the role that Port Credit played as a port for fleets of stonehooking schooners that gathered stone slabs out of the shallows of Lake Ontario to be used for building construction in 19th and early 20th centuries.

The taproom will be opening today (May 31st) at 4:00 PM with ten beers on tap, including Broad Reach Nor’Easter IPA, Victoria English Pale Ale, Mae West Orange Milkshake IPA, Steampunk Saison, Sou’Wester IPA, Whipstaff Wit, Spicy Raspberry Saison, Sawmill Sid Logger’d Ale Kolsch, Mad Capreol Vanilla Porter, and Peated Scotch Ale. The latter two are draught exclusives, while the other eight are also available in 473 ml cans to go.

Stonehooker Brewing is located at 866 Lakeshore Rd. E. in Mississauga. For more details, see the brewery’s website and Facebook page.

Source & Photo: Stonehooker Brewing mailing list

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