33 Brewing Experiment Launches Seven Hundred and Fifty MilliLiter Series with Spelt Saison

VANCOUVER, BC – 33 Brewing Experiment, the next door off-shoot of 33 Acres Brewing dedicated to “endless experimentation”, has announced the launch of a new series of beers “designed for sharing, but met with no judgement if not.”

The first release in the Seven Hundred and Fifty MilliLiter Series is 33B-EXP.021.MkI: Spelt Saison (5.8% abv), which is briefly described as a “feeling juicy, berry, champagne popping dry ale.”

Spelt Saison is available now in 750 ml cork-and-cage bottles at 33 Brewing Experiment and select private liquor stores in Vancouver.

Source & Photo: 33 Acres Brewing website

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