Brunswick Bierworks Launches Lab Services for Brewers

TORONTO, ON – Partner- and contract-brewing facility Brunswick Bierworks has announced the launch of a new service that will offer an “essential range of brewery-related tests to aid the modern and professional brewer in producing high-quality beer.”

Brunswick Bierworks Lab Services comes with the following pitch from the company:

As the craft beer industry continues to mature and customer palates continue to improve in sophistication, analytical and microbiological testing have become an integral component of any quality management system.  For the brewers who do not yet have the financial or logistical resources, or for those who wish to validate their in-house measurements against a third-party lab that adheres to the standards set by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC), Brunswick Bierworks’ Quality team is here to help.

Measurements and analysis available from the Brunswick lab include ABV, IBU, SRM, pH, carbonation and dissolved oxygen, yeast and bacteria checks, and more.

For full details of the specific services available, see the Lab Services page on the Brunswick Bierworks website.

Source & Photo: Brunswick Bierworks

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