Corona Canada Commits to Plastic-Free Packaging by End of 2019

TORONTO, ONCorona Canada has announced in recognition of World Oceans Day on Saturday June 8th that it will be moving to plastic-free packaging, with a commitment to complete the transition by the end of 2019.

The move will see plastic shrink-wrap and plastic six-pack rings phased out for all Corona products available in Canada, replacing them with fully compostable cardboard packaging.

The company has also announced that it is partnering with Parley for the Oceans to clean up 50 beaches across the country this summer. One square metre of Canada’s shorelines will be cleaned for every specially marked case of Corona sold at retail, and every bucket sold at participating bars and restaurants, up to a total of 850,000 square metres.

For more details, see the full press release.

Source & Photo: Corona Canada press release

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