Brick Brewing Officially Changes Name to Waterloo Brewing

KITCHENER, ONBrick Brewing has announced that it has officially changed its corporate name to Waterloo Brewing, a name that it has been using as its primary identifying brand for the past several years.

Founded in 1984 by Jim Brickman, Brick was one of Canada’s first modern microbreweries, with Waterloo Dark – a dark lager inspired by the schwarzbiers of Germany, and named after the Ontario city where the brewery was founded – launched as one of its earliest beers.

The Waterloo brand has subsequently been used for many other beers from the brewery, and Waterloo Brewing has been the name above the door of the company’s current brewing facility since it opened in Kitchener in 2015.

“We wanted to cement our commitment to our hometown and the Region of Waterloo by adopting their name as our own; to become part of that regional family, legally and officially,” said George Croft, President and CEO of Waterloo Brewing, in a statement. “We’re truly grateful for the strong, deep roots as Ontario’s first craft brewer and humbly hope to live up to the standard set by the brewing pioneers who went before us.”

For more details, see the full Waterloo Brewing press release.

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