Matchstick Beer Factory Changes Name to Gridiron Brewing

HAMPTON, NB – Matchstick Beer Factory, a small brewery that opened late last year in Hampton, New Brunswick, has announced that it has changed its name to Gridiron Brewing effective immediately.

The original name was a tribute to the Flewelling Match Factory that used to be located in the community, but as Atlantic Canada Beer Blog notes, several other businesses in the area have similar names for the same reason. So to avoid confusion, owners and spouses Luke MacGregor and Heather Avery decided to change it to the new name which is inspired by the Girdiron Rapids on the Tusket River near MacGregor’s family home in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

The new Gridiron Brewing name is reflected by new pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Source: Atlantic Canada Beer Blog

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