Incidents & Accidents Brewing Launches with Lifted Super Lemon Hazy IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – A new company focused on beverages made with the addition of plant-based terpenes has announced the release of its first beer.

Incidents & Accidents Brewing has been founded by Nathan Dunsmoor, a beer industry veteran with more than two decades of experience in various roles.

Lifted Super Lemon Hazy IPA (5.9% abv) is the first release from the company, and is described as follows:

With a dank nose, hopped with Lemondrop and BC Citra, the result is a luscious, hazy golden liquid full of pungent and spicy aromas with a hint of sugary citrus that leads to a surprisingly session-ready, clean finish. Refreshing and revolutionary, Super Lemon Hazy IPA will surely satisfy customers seeking a composite craft beer with savoury flavour and a unique terpene blend twist.

Incidents & Accidents provides the following primer on terpenes, which will be used in all of its products:

Terpene molecules give plants their aroma and taste. Cannabaceae is a small family of flowering plants. This family includes about 170 species grouped in about 11 genera, including Cannabis (hemp, marijuana), Humulus(hops) and Celtis (hackberries). Using blends from these plants you can get Citrus, Orange Lime. Lavender, Coriander. Tropical, Hoppy, Green, Coniferous, Peppery Flavours and Aromas. Currently, Health Canada does not allow using terpenes derived from Cannabis or Hemp. We use terpene plant oils and blends from other plants.

Incidents & Accidents is currently brewing at Craft Collective Beerworks in Vancouver, and has several other Lifted beers planned for future release, including Wake & Bake Brownie Espresso Stout, Cherry Sour Diesel Ale, and Blue Dream Blueberry Lager.

Super Lemon Hazy IPA is available now in 4-packs of 473 ml cans at select private liquor stores throughout BC. For more details, see the Incidents & Accidents website and Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Incidents & Accidents Brewing press release

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