Trans Canada Brewing Releasing Ale With Ingredients From Every Province & Territory

WINNIPEG, MB – Trans Canada Brewing has announced details of a new beer that lives up to the name of the brewery by including ingredients sourced from all 13 of the Canada’s provinces and territories.

Confederation Ale No. 152 (5% abv, 14 IBU) is described as “a smooth and easy-drinking ale with a unique floral-herbaceous profile that is derived from the in-house tea blend created from the ingredients selected in the Atlantic provinces.”

The full list of ingredients includes:

British Columbia: Cascade Hops
Alberta & Saskatchewan: Canadian Pale 2 Row Malt
Manitoba: Chinook Hops
Ontario: Yeast
Quebec: Hallertau Hops
Newfoundland: Lavender
New Brunswick: Yarrow
Nova Scotia: Chamomile
PEI: Honey
Northwest Territories, Yukon & Nunavut: Water

Confederation Ale No. 152 will be released tomorrow (June 27th) in time for the Canada Day weekend, and will be available exclusively on draught at Trans Canada Brewing.

Source & Photo: Trans Canada Brewing press release

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