True History Brewing Launches in Ontario with Farmer In The Sky Dry-Hopped Pilsner

TORONTO, ON – A new contract brewing operation with a focus on creating “beer for who you’re with, not where you are” has announced the debut of its first brand.

True History Brewing has been founded in Toronto by partners Matthew Tompkins and Adam Shier. Tompkins is new to the brewing world, having spent the last several years working in the film industry, while Shier is a homebrewer who was previously in finance and has also worked at Birreria Volo.

The company’s first offering is Farmer in the Sky (4.9% abv), a dry-hopped pilsner that Tompkins describes as follows:

We chose to dry hop to add more depth to the beer, so we brewed a classic German Pilsner and then lightly dry-hopped with Citra. Pilsners are one of my favourite styles of beer and not something that you want to mess around with too much, but what I like about the dry hop is the resulting nose of a Session Pale or IPA with the drinkability of a pils. On Farmer, notes of light citrus, lemon, and fresh cut grass come through the most, with a crisp, fresh and crackery finish to (hopefully) leave you wanting more.

In a relatively unique arrangement, True History is having the majority of its beer brewed outside of the province at Last Spike Brewery, a partner brewing facility in Calgary. However, due to interprovincial liquor legislation, the company is also working with Junction Craft Brewery in Toronto to have a brewing location in Ontario, and will be producing small-batch and experimental beers there for brand development and local distribution.

Tompkins also notes that his past work in film will be an influence on True History and its branding:

Coming from a creative background has certainly helped build the brand. From our staged product shots, to our can design, to the associative comic books we create for each beer, storytelling and the visual medium are still a big part of everything we do. We set out to create a brewery that incorporated our character and our history in the hopes it would elevate the beer and the brand beyond liquid in a glass, and I think we’ve achieved that.

True History Farmer in the Sky pilsner will be available soon in 473 ml cans at select LCBO locations in Ontario. A New England style pale ale is planned to be developed next, and the pair hope to have three new beers available by the end of the year.

For more details, see the True History Brewing website.

Source & Photo: True History Brewing

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