Tree Brewing Sued by Cask Brewing Systems Over Unpaid Bills

KELOWNA, BC – Canning system manufacturer Cask Brewing Systems has launched a lawsuit against Fireweed Brewing – the parent company of Tree Brewing – over unpaid bills of almost $350,000.

According to the civil suit, Cask is claiming that Fireweed/Tree has “refused or neglected to make payment” for a series of contracts signed between October 2016 and February 2019.

The suit also states that while the brewery “acknowledged, affirmed and agreed with the total amounts owing in three separate audit letters” in February 2018, no payments have been made in the subsequent 18 months, leading to the lawsuit.

Tree Brewing was founded in 1996, and operated a production brewery in Kelowna until 2018 when the company entered an agreement with Big Rock Brewery and moved brewing of its beers to the Big Rock facility in Vancouver. The smaller scale Tree Brewing Beer Institute which opened in Kelowna in 2014 was not included in this agreement and remains in operation.


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