Winners Announced for Golden Tap Awards & Ontario Brewing Awards 2019

TORONTO, ON – The winners of the 2019 Golden Tap Awards (GTAs) and Ontario Brewing Awards (OBAs) were announced last night during a joint event at the Berkeley Church in Toronto.

The GTAs are overseen by Cass Enright, founder of The Bar Towel, with winners selected by the general beer-drinking public via online voting. Several Editor’s Circle awards recognizing significant achievements in the Ontario beer industry were also handed out, as determined by Enright and a panel of Bar Towel members and associates.

The OBAs are owned and operated by Taps Media, with entries from Ontario breweries evaluated in 30 categories by a panel of BJCP-certified judges.

The winners of the 2019 GTAs and OBAs are listed below.


Favourite Bar in Ontario: Bar Hop
Favourite Brewery Taproom or Brewpub in Ontario: Bellwoods Brewery
Favourite Food in Ontario: Indie Alehouse
Favourite Brewery Retail Store in Ontario: Bellwoods Brewery
Favourite New Brewery in Ontario: Black Lab Brewing
Favourite New Bar in Ontario: Function Bar
Favourite New Beer in Ontario: Black Lab Brewing Snoopy’s Revenge
Favourite Marketing in Ontario: Collective Arts Brewing
Favourite Beer Personality in Ontario: Dan Grant
Favourite Beer in Ontario: Great Lakes Brewery Octopus Wants to Fight!
Favourite Brewery in Ontario: Great Lakes Brewery
Brewmaster’s Choice: Left Field Brewery Greenwood IPA
Editor’s Circle Award: Greg Clow (Canadian Beer News)
Editor’s Circle Award: Ren Navarro (Beer. Diversity.)
Editor’s Circle Award: Joel Manning


Standard American Beer
BRONZE: Gold | Big Rig Brewery
SILVER: Beach One Cerveza | Wasaga Beach Brewing Company
GOLD: Westcott Cream Ale | The Grove Brew House

International Lager
BRONZE: Millennium Buzz Hemp Beer | Cool Beer Brewery
SILVER: Woodhouse Lager Beer | Woodhouse Brewing
GOLD: Against the Grain Helles Lager | High Park Brewery

Czech Lager
BRONZE: Brock Street Bohemian Pilsner | Brock Street Brewing Company
SILVER: Starke | Amsterdam Brewing Company
GOLD: Riverside Pilsner | Saulter Street Brewery

Pale Malty European Lager
BRONZE: Brock Street Munich Lager | Brock Street Brewing Company
SILVER: Biergarten Blonde | Braumeister Brewing Company
GOLD: Gaslight Helles Lager | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Pale Bitter European Beer
BRONZE: No Nonsense | FRANK Brewing Co.
SILVER: Pub House Ale | Publican House Brewery
GOLD: Walkerville Purity Pilsener | Walkerville Brewery

Amber Malty European Lager
BRONZE: MY Bock Maibock | Muddy York Brewing Co.
SILVER: Beste Bock | Cameron’s Brewing Co.
GOLD: Ides of February – The Henderson Cup | Henderson Brewing Co.

Amber Bitter European Beer
BRONZE: Honest Lager | Walkerville Brewery
SILVER: Vienna | Red Circle Brewing Co
GOLD: Impact | Stack Brewing

Dark European Lager
BRONZE: Black Bear | Market Brewing Company
SILVER: Dingman Dark Lager | Herald Haus Brewing Co
GOLD: Black Opal Schwarzbier | Muddy York Brewing Co.

German Wheat Beer
BRONZE: Cameron’s Hefeweizen | Cameron’s Brewing Co.
SILVER: George The Ghost | The Grove Brew House
GOLD: Haberdasher Hefeweizen | Muddy York Brewing Co.

British Bitter
BRONZE: Special Pale Ale | Wellington Brewery
SILVER: Beer 101 Bitter | Niagara College Teaching Brewery
GOLD: Kingpost ESB | The Collingwood Brewery

Pale Commonwealth Beer
BRONZE: Walkerville Geronimo IPA | Walkerville Brewery
SILVER: White’s Bay IPA | The Collingwood Brewery
GOLD: Class V | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD

Brown British Beer
BRONZE: Clifford Porter | Clifford Brewing Co.
SILVER: Grand River Brewing Mill Race Dark | Magnotta Brewery
GOLD: Downtown Brown | Amsterdam Brewing Company

Irish Beer
BRONZE: Vimy Stout | Vimy Brewing Company
SILVER: Crooked Nose Stout | Cameron’s Brewing Co.
GOLD: Spark House | Lake Of Bays Brewing Co.

Dark British Beer
BRONZE: Get The Fork Out | Market Brewing Company
SILVER: Brock Street Chocolate Milk Stout | Brock Street Brewing Company
GOLD: Walkerville Easy Stout | Walkerville Brewery

Strong British Ale
BRONZE: The Flyer | Henderson Brewing Co.
SILVER: BEER 101 Strong | Niagara College Teaching Brewery
GOLD: Brock Street Scotch Ale | Brock Street Brewing Company

Pale American Ale
BRONZE: Absent Landlord, Country Kolsch | Cowbell Brewing Co
SILVER: Bangkok Crosswalk | Overflow Brewing Company
GOLD: Farmer’s Daughter | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD

Amber and Brown American Beer
BRONZE: This One | Stray Dog Brewing Company
SILVER: Lion’s Mane | Full Beard Brewing Co.
GOLD: Henry’s Irish Ale | Publican House Brewery

American Porter and Stout
BRONZE: Ridge Rock Stout | Ridge Rock Brewing Company
SILVER: Nihilist | Little Beasts Brewing Company
GOLD: Walkerville Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout | Walkerville Brewery

BRONZE: Woodhouse IPA | Woodhouse Brewing
SILVER: Jurassic IPA | Cameron’s Brewing Co.
GOLD: Exhibition | Royal City Brewing Co.

Strong American Ale
BRONZE: Flight Plan | Lake Of Bays Brewing Co.
SILVER: Strange Aeons | Little Beasts Brewing Company
GOLD: Where The Buffalo Roam | Cameron’s Brewing Co.

European Sour Ale
BRONZE: Brown Derby | Henderson Brewing Co.
SILVER: Pinot Noir Wildwood | Bench Brewing Company
GOLD: Berliner Weisse with Apricot and Brett | Flora Hall Brewing

Belgian Ale
BRONZE: Stone Road | Bench Brewing Company
SILVER: Bobcaygeon Firefly Belgian White | Bobcaygeon Brewing Co
GOLD: Walkerville Brewery Waterfront Wit | Walkerville Brewery

Strong Belgian Ale
BRONZE: Honey Badger | Four Father’s Brewing
SILVER: La petite duchesse | Little Beasts Brewing Company
GOLD: Clean Slate | Bench Brewing Company

Trappist Ale
BRONZE: Rube Goldbeer | Henderson Brewing Co.
SILVER: Shacklands Tripel | Shacklands Brewing
GOLD: The Ugly | Henderson Brewing Co.

Historical Beer
BRONZE: It Takes A Village | Four Father’s Brewing
SILVER: Ides of July | Henderson Brewing Co.
GOLD: Gose | Stonehooker Brewing Company

American Wild Ale
BRONZE: Collective Unconscious (Raspberry) | Rorschach Brewing Co.
SILVER: Appellation No. 4 | Bench Brewing Company
GOLD: Folklore on Cabernet Franc Skins | Bench Brewing Company

Fruit Beer
BRONZE: Strawberry Grove | Bench Brewing Company
SILVER: Raspberry Uber Berliner Weisse | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.
GOLD: Plum Grove | Bench Brewing Company

Spiced Beer
BRONZE: Honey Habanero | FRANK Brewing Co.
SILVER: Ides of December – By Any Other Name | Henderson Brewing Co.
GOLD: Summer Slam | Stray Dog Brewing Company

Wood Beer
BRONZE: Shirtless At The Kremlin | Refined Fool Brewing Co
SILVER: Never Say Never | Rouge River Brewing Company
GOLD: UVB-76 Nikita | Wellington Brewery

Specialty Beer
BRONZE: Zap! Sour IPA | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.
SILVER: Publican Brut Ale | Publican House Brewery
GOLD: 12 Mile IPL | Cameron’s Brewing Co.

New England IPA
BRONZE: Bobcaygeon Northern Lights Hazy IPA | Bobcaygeon Brewing Co
SILVER: Denali DDH Pale Ale | Flora Hall Brewing
GOLD: Working Twice As Hard DIPA | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Catharina Sour
BRONZE: Braided Roads (Raspberry) | Red Circle Brewing Co
SILVER: Lodestar Sour Ale w/ Pink Guava | Elora Brewing Company
GOLD: Slide Whistle | Wellington Brewery

Ides of February | Henderson Brewery

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