The Second Wedge Brewing Releases Official Beer of The Book Drunkard Literary Festival

UXBRIDGE, ON – The Second Wedge Brewing has announced the release of a new beer in partnership with Uxbridge’s newest arts and culture event.

The Book Drunkard Märzen (5.5% abv) is the official festival of The Book Drunkard Literary Festival, which is taking place in Uxbridge from October 17th to November 3rd.

Inspired by the traditional beers of Oktoberfest, the beer is described as follows:

Pouring a clear pale amber, The Book Drunkard Märzen is an exceptionally smooth, medium-bodied lager. (Yes, our first lager… probably our one and only.) An aroma of fresh-baked bread draws you into the sip, where rich malt flavour is gently balanced by spicy/floral noble hops.

The Book Drunkard Märzen is available now in cans and on tap at The Second Wedge, and will be pouring at all licensed Festival events.

Source & Photo: The Second Wedge Brewing

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