New Brunswick Launches Grocery Store Beer Sales Including Local Craft Brands

FREDERICTON, NB – Alcool NB Liquor has announced the launch today (October 31st) of beer sales at select grocery stores.

Building on a project launched in 2014 to sell wine and cider at grocery stores, the expanded beverage selection includes “local, domestic and international beer and ready-to-drink beverage alcohol products,” along with an updated selection of domestic and imported wine and cider.

The program is running at 66 stores in the province, and features beer from seven local craft breweries – Graystone, Grimross, Maybee, Petit-Sault, Picaroons, Pump House, and TrailWay – plus brands from larger regional, national, and international brewers.

Beer is being offered at grocery stores in several formats including single cans, four-packs, and six-packs, and will be priced at a minimum of 7% higher than the same product at ANBL locations.

Source: CBC News

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