The Growler Ontario Winter 2019 Issue Now Available

TORONTO, ON – The Winter 2019 issue of the The Growler Ontario, a quarterly guide to the province’s craft brewing scene, is now available.

Similar to the original B.C.-based publication, each issue of The Growler Ontario features an extensive listings section with details about breweries and brewpubs throughout the province.

Also included are a variety of articles and features, including the following:

Do you like IPAs? Yeah? Apparently, so does every Ontarian. Jordan St. John took a look back at the seminal brews that charted the course for the style in the province.

It is the holidays, so we had our resident grinch, Ben Johnson, put together his guide to hosting a party while keeping the good stuff all to yourself.

Over-indulging is a real concern in the beer industry, especially at this time of year. Crystal Luxmore investigated everything from how best to take a month off from drinking to resources for quitting entirely.

The Growler Ontario Volume 2 Issue 4 will be available starting this week at brewery taprooms and newsstands throughout the province, as well as via subscription and online orders. For more details, see the magazine’s Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Source & Photo: The Growler Ontario website

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