Nickel Brook Brewing and Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Release We Cran Do It Gose

BURLINGTON, ON – Nickel Brook Brewery has announced the release of a new collaboration with the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies.

We Cran Do It (4% abv) is a cranberry and ginger gose described as follows:

We Cran Do It is a punchy and puckering combination that’s sure to catch you off guard. It pours a beautiful rose colour with a vibrant fruity aroma. Bright notes of sweet cranberry juice and citrus are greeted with a contrasting tart lactic tang. Subtle spiciness of ginger root resonate throughout, and make this a uniquely interesting brew that marries distinct tastes into one harmonious blend of delicious.

We Cran Do It will be available at the Nickel Brook retail store and online shop while supplies last. 25 cents from every 500 ml bottle sold will be donated to The Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Source & Photo: Nickel Brook Brewery mailing list

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