Storm Stayed Brewing Releases Shook Cranberry & Pear Milkshake Kettle Sour

LONDON, ON – Storm Stayed Brewing has announced the release of a special holiday season edition in its series of milkshake kettle sours.

Shook Cranberry & Pear (4.8% abv) is described as follows:

With loads of cranberry and pear in unison, this variant pours the most festive hue of red. Starting with a slightly less sour base than previous iterations we’ve balanced the expected tartness of cranberries with subtle sweetness coming from the pear. Expect a glorious red sour ale with pleasant tartness of cranberry tempered by subtle sweet pear undertones.

Shook Cranberry & Pear is available now on tap and in 355 ml cans at Storm Stayed.

Source & Photo: Storm Stayed Brewing Facebook page

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