The Growler Ontario Spring 2020 Issue Coming Soon

TORONTO, ON – The Spring 2020 issue of the The Growler Ontario, a quarterly guide to the province’s craft brewing scene, is set to be released soon.

Similar to the original B.C.-based publication, each issue of The Growler Ontario features an extensive listings section with details about breweries and brewpubs throughout the province.

Also included are a variety of articles and other features:

True to the season, our recipe is a bright, green vegetarian pasta dish from The Beer Lover’s Table by Claire Bullen with Jen Ferguson, published by Dog ‘n’ Bone Books.

Elsewhere in the issue, Crystal Luxmore takes us through how to be a more strategic beer shopper, Ben Johnson takes a crack at explaining why some craft beers cost so much, and Jordan St. John checks in on Canada’s largest homebrewing organization.

For Brewer vs. Brewer, we have an all-Hamilton of Brad Clifford and Aaron Spinney give us the latest on what’s up at their breweries.

The Growler Ontario Volume 3 Issue 1 will be available in mid-February in brewery taprooms throughout the province, and later in the month on select newsstands. It is also available directly via subscription and online orders.

For more details, see the magazine’s Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Source & Photo: The Growler Ontario website

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