Driftwood Brewery Releases Eccentricity Wheat Wine

VICTORIA, BC – Driftwood Brewery has announced the release of a new extra-strong ale that they took an “irregular approach to creating”.

Eccentricity Wheat Wine (11.4% abv) has the following description:

For this limited release wheat wine we mixed the good with the weird by taking a strong wheat and rye malt base and aging it on amburana, a Brazilian hard wood often used to age cachaca. The resulting combination brings forth all the confectionery aromas of baked goods, and a palate that ranges from macadamia nut, to cinnamon, and even marzipan.

Eccentricity is available now at the Driftwood retail store, and will be stocked at select private liquor stores in British Columbia starting this week.

Source: Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter
Photo: Driftwood Brewing Facebook page

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