Beaches Brewing Closes Brewpub Location in East Toronto

NOTE: Two weeks after this article ran, Beaches Brewing announced that it would not be closing after all following negotiations with its landlord. See our follow-up article for more details.

TORONTO, ON – Beaches Brewing has announced that after six months in operation, its brewpub location in Toronto’s east end has closed down.

This closure was explained in a post on Instagram over the weekend:

With the extremely high price of rent in the neighbourhood, the slow traffic through January and February, and not being able to jump through provincial loopholes quick enough to begin retail sales and production, we have not been able to build up the coffers required to survive the low season. Sadly, while we thought we had successfully been negotiating with our landlords so that we could pay our hard working staff and make it to the busier summer months, the negotiations failed. Although we would like to be a part of the Easter Parade, Jazzfest and the rest of the summer, the impact of COVID-19 leaves serious doubt in the sustainability of continuing the hospitality portion of Beaches Brewing.

The announcement also notes that production of Beaches beer for distribution via LCBO, Beer Store, and licensees will continue.

Source: Beaches Brewing Instagram page

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