33 Acres Brewing Releases Muscat Wild Saison

VANCOUVER, BC – 33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of the latest beer from its 33 Brewing Experiment project.

Muscat Wild Saison (5.9% abv) is described as follows:

We used our favourite saison recipe co-fermented using two house cultures and native, wild yeast from 700 lbs. of Muscat clusters from our friends at Poplar Grove Winery. Fermented and aged for over 5 months in Foeder #2 before this beer was ready for bottling. Developing a deep tannin structure from grape skin and stem contact that compliments our house culture’s natural acid production and soft malty sweetness. This saison was lovingly conditioned until perfect.

Muscat Wild Saison is available now via the 33 Acres web shop and select retailers while supplies last.

Source & Photo: 33 Acres Brewing website

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