Parsons Brewing Releasing Three New Beers

PICTON, ON – Parsons Brewing has announced details of three new beer releases, noting that “turbulent times call for big, bold brews.”

Out now is Marysburgh Vortex IIPA (8.75% abv):

An old school bitter malty Imperial IPA – not hazy or tropical and no notes of bubblegum. 85% local ingredients thanks to master craftsmen Barn Owl Malt, Pleasant Valley Hops Ontario and Escarpment Labs. Multi-stage kettle additions of Pleasant Valley Chinook hops meld together with Amarillo and Pleasant Valley Cascade finishing hops to lend a subtle juiciness and a twisted bitter finish worthy of the legend of the Marysburgh Vortex.

Coming on April 13th is this year’s vintage of Belgian Tripel (8.9% abv):

We brew this beauty annually, and this year was exceptional. A surprisingly slow 26 day ferment somehow managed to produce the strongest fruity esters we have ever seen from Escarpment Labs French Saison yeast. The taste and texture of dried fruit – apricots & figs – feature strongly through a malty backbone, topped by a super dry finish.

Following on April 20th will be The Blender Oat Ale (7.25% abv):

Appropriately named ‘The Blender’, Kirk’s first foray into recipe development predominantly features malted oats. Deep amber in colour, drinking as smooth as a breakfast shake. You won’t realize ’til you stand up that it’s 7.25% ABV. Pleasant Valley Hops Ontario cluster hops balance out the maltiness with mild floral undertones.

All three beers will be available in the Parsons Brewing bottle shop and online store while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Parsons Brewing mailing list

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