Nonsuch Brewing Releases Three Newly Canned Beers

WINNIPEG, MB – Nonsuch Brewing has announced that three of its beers are now available in cans for the first time.

Capiche Cappuccino Milkshake Stout (5% abv) was brewed using cold brew coffee from Flatland Coffee Roasters, and is described as follows:

Capiche pours a rich, midnight black topped by a tan, creamy, lasting head. Coffee, nutty, milk chocolate notes are introduced on the nose and come to life on the tongue. Lactose provides a creamy, medium-bodied mouthfeel while roasted malt flavours add layers to this oatmeal/milk stout and deliver a low level of bitterness.

Honey Oat Saison (6.8% abv) uses honey from Beeproject Apiaries, and has the following notes:

Pours a straw/honey colour and is crowned with a rocky, off-white head. It opens on the nose with peppery, honey, and toast aromas as well as the signature funkiness of the saison yeast esters. The sweetness from the honey is gracefully balanced by the saison yeast delivering a smooth, sweet blend of flavours with a pleasant toastiness followed by a dry finish. The oats bring an element of creaminess to the dry mouthfeel.

Belgian Single (4.8% abv) is a simple Belgian-style ale with the following description:

This ale opens on the nose with fruit forward aromas of melon, citrus, and strawberry. Expect a smooth maltiness on the tongue followed by a refreshingly fruity hop kick on the finish.

All three beers and the rest of the Nonsuch line-up can be ordered now via the brewery website for pick-up and delivery.

Source & Photos: Nonsuch Brewing mailing list

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