2 Crows Brewing Releases Zip Berliner Style Weisse and Barrel-Aged & Flavoured Variants

HALIFAX, NS – 2 Crows Brewing has announced the release of a new traditional sour ale, as well as a trio of barrel-aged and flavoured variants.

Zip (2.8% abv) is described as follows:

Zip is a traditional Berliner-style weiße beer, brewed last fall and conditioned until now. It was a pretty long and involved process wherein we used a whole bunch of research (and yeast!) from the Yeast Daddy, Richard of Escarpment Laboratories to recreate an approximation of what Berliners of the past may have tasted like. Dry, lively, subtle funk – tastes like a cross between pet-nat and lemon San Pelligrino.

The three variants include:

Zap (3.2%) – aged in a gin ex-Zinfandel barrel and flavoured with raspberry. ⁣

Zop (3.2%) – aged in a mezcal barrel and flavoured with black currant. ⁣

Zoup (3.2%) – aged in a Sauv Blanc wine barrel and flavoured with woodruff.

All four beers are available now via the 2 Crows online store.

Source & Photos: 2 Crows Brewing Instagram

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