Blindman Brewing Releases Pierre on Peaches Fruited Saison

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that was “brewed 2 years ago in a different world.”

Pierre on Peaches (3.9% abv) is a fruited saison described as follows:

It’s fermented with a melange of an unknown number of yeasts and bacteria that have been growing and changing like a sourdough starter for the past half-decade. Sometimes it is bright, clean and acidic. Sometimes it has a vinegar bite. We have nearly no say in how it changes, we simply move with it. We give it a home in an oak foeder and wait for it to speak. Occasionally, it speaks so clear and direct. And then we add hundreds of pounds of fresh, beautiful peaches to it.

Pierre on Peaches is available now in a limited run of 500 ml bottles at the Blindman retail shop and online store, and select retail locations throughout Alberta.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing

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