Carlsberg Canada Announces Fundraising Campaign for Community Food Centres Canada

TORONTO, ON – Carlsberg Canada has announced the launch of a new campaign that is “aimed at helping low-income communities’ access healthy food during this time of need.”

For the month of June, 20 cents from every bottle and can of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Lite sold in Canada will be donated to The Good Food Access Fund, an initiative of Community Food Centres Canada which helps to “build dynamic and responsive Community Food Centres and food programs that support people to eat well, connect with their neighbours and contribute, through advocacy and mutual support, to a more just and inclusive Canada.”

“The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone’s way of life but is significantly felt among those already in vulnerable situations,” says John Porter, Managing Director Carlsberg Canada, in a statement. “We’re driven by our constant pursuit of better, which not only entails our mission to zero and the creation of more sustainable packaging solutions, but we also strongly believe that during this unprecedented time, we can do better to ensure that every donation and act of kindness can make a difference.”

Carlsberg has set a goal of selling at least 500,000 bottles and cans this month, for a minimum donation of $100,000. The campaign will also include digital and social media promotions to raise awareness of Community Food Centres Canada and its mission.

Source & Photo: Carlsberg Canada press release

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