Left Field Brewery Releases Pride 6-Pack for The Bill 7 Award

TORONTO, ON – Left Field Brewery has announced the release of a new mixed pack in support of charity campaign for LGBTQ+ students.

The Left Field Pride 6-Pack includes a rainbow-coloured selection of 355 ml cans including Lo Viste Mojito Sour, Bang-Bang Dry Hopped Sour, Ice Cold Beer 100% Ontario Ale, Gigante Micro IPA, Greenwood IPA, and Laser Show Double IPA.

The pack is available for $19.75 via the Left Field online store for delivery and pick-up orders. $2 for each pack sold will be donated to The Bill 7 Award, a charitable trust that awards post-secondary scholarships to LGBTQ+ students in financial need.

For more details, see the full announcement on the Left Field Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Left Field Brewery mailing list

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