Nova Scotia Auditor General Criticizes NSLC Support for Local Alcohol Producers

HALIFAX, NSNova Scotia Auditor General Michael A. Pickup has released a new report on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) which indicates that the agency “does not have an adequate strategic plan for supporting the local beverage alcohol industry.”

The summary of the report, which was released today in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, states the following:

  • NSLC does not have a long-term plan with specific and measurable goals and objectives detailing how they aim to support the local beverage alcohol industry
  • Poor accountability for the strategies in place, as actions taken are not well planned or monitored for completion
  • NSLC supports the local beverage alcohol industry through various methods. However, there are several issues identified with the approaches used, including:
    • markup structures for locally manufactured alcohol are not adequately planned, evaluated, or documented, including completing a detailed risk analysis for compliance with trade agreements
    • processes are not defined, such as how to have product listed as Proudly Nova Scotian or the number of stores a manufacturer must be able to supply to be carried through NSLC
    • implementation and impact of an agreement between NSLC and Alcool New Brunswick Liquor (ANBL) on beer trade is unclear
    • NSLC does not assess reasonableness of self-reported payments required from local manufacturers
    • NSLC communicates with local manufacturers through several channels, however it is often not documented, and there is no consultation policy

The report is also critical of the NSLC’s efforts in enforcing responsible drinking policies, citing issues in compliance with the We ID program under which employees are supposed to request identification from all customers who appear to be under 30 years of age.

For more details and to read the summary and full report, see the Office of the Auditor General website.

Source: CBC News

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