Collective Arts Brewing and Matron Fine Beer Release Dalliance Kveik Pale Ale

HAMILTON, ON – Collective Arts Brewing has announced the release of a new collaboration with Matron Fine Beer.

Dalliance Kveik Pale Ale (4.5% abv) is described as follows:

A “dalliance” is defined as a fleeting or casual relationship. While our relationship with Matron is neither fleeting nor casual, they were the perfect collab partner for this unique, delicate blend of beer styles and flavours. KRISPY Kveik yeast imparts a clean yet flavourful character, while Ontario grown malt from Barn Owl Malt lends a delicious farmhouse quality. Finally, a blend of local and Oregon grown Chinook hops gives the beer a delicate citrus and pine backbone.⁠

Dalliance is available now in the Collective Arts retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Collective Arts Brewing mailing list

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