Canadian Craft Brewers Association Forms Anti-Discrimination Committee

OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) has announced the launch Anti-Discrimination Committee, a move that has been made in “an effort to combat racism and discrimination in the craft brewing industry in Canada.”

According to Rick Dalmazzi, Executive Director of the CCBA, the Committee will “work with a variety of voices within the industry to promote diversity and inclusion.”

The three primary objectives of the Committee are:

  • Seek to increase representation of marginalized groups in craft beer.
  • Seek to eliminate discrimination in the craft beer industry.
  • Use craft beer’s popularity as a catalyst for improving inclusivity across Canada.

The announcement notes that the Committee “will be holding focus groups with black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) and allies from the brewing community to get feedback on issues related to racism and discrimination in the industry,” and that it is “currently inviting leading voices of diversity and inclusion in the craft brewing industry to join an advisory group to assist in creating a plan of action.”

Those interested in participating in the advisory group or focus groups, or suggesting others to be invited, can contact the CCBA at

Source: Canadian Craft Brewers Association press release

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