Trial & Ale Brewing Now Open in Edmonton

EDMONTON, AB – A new brewery dedicated to producing “long-aged mixed fermentations, Brett saisons and fruited sour and wild ferments” has released its first beer in Edmonton.

Trial & Ale Brewing debuted earlier this month with the release of Separated to a Degree (5.7% abv), a limited edition sour/wild ale described as follows:

We’ve waited a long time and cultivated an elaborate mixture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria over a period of years to bring you this blend. Presented with light copper hues and a citrus nose, the first impression of upfront lactic sourness soon gives way to a retronasal grapefruit olfaction that delights. We wanted to showcase our blend to be the difference, not the similarity. While there are many qualities that make this beer a textbook American Sour & Wild Mixed Fermentation by style, there are yet more characteristics that separate it from the pack.

Set to follow soon is A Saison Apparent (7.4% abv), a blended Brett Saison that will be available year-round, with the following notes:

While we love the ever-increasing number of saisons in the marketplace, none capture the heights (or the depths) of the level of funk in our saison blends. With a commitment to noble hop varieties to ground the blend in an earthy base, the layers stack up on top of this base layer to deliver a journey that starts in one place and ends up in a completely different sensory experience. While we blend each batch to land within our self-imposed guidelines, the variance from blended batch to batch ensures that there will always be more to discover in your glass.

The third beer from the brewery, a Lambic-style sour named A Golden State of Being (6.5% abv), is currently aging and is expected to be released sometime in 2021.

Separated to a Degree is currently available in a limited run of 750 ml bottles at select beer retailers in Alberta. For more details, see the Trial & Ale Brewing website.

Source & Photo: Trial & Ale Brewing Twitter page

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