Nickel Brook Brewing Releases A Very Nice IPA and Blackberry & Mint Uber

BURLINGTON, ON – Nickel Brook Brewery has announced the release of its latest small batch IPA, and the newest variant on its Uber sour ale.

A Very Nice IPA (4.2% abv) is a session-friendly ale with the following description:

A beautiful aroma of stone fruit and citrus make this pleasantly hoppy IPA an afternoon delight. This groovy new brew is soaring with notes of pineapple, tropical fruit, and bright citrus. It goes down smooth, pouring a trippy bright yellow with a fluffy white head. Mellow out with A Very Nice IPA to become the free spirit you were meant to be. It’s far out, man.

Blackberry & Mint Uber (3.8% abv) is described as follows:

A juicy addition to the Uber lineup is here to tickle your tongue and tantalize your taste buds. We took our classic Uber recipe to a new dimension with a generous dose of Blackberry deliciousness, and a pleasant hint of fresh mint. This jammy new brew is so breakfast you’ll want to spread it on toast. Bright notes of citrus and berry are greeted with a tart punch, followed by earthy undertones, and mild mint backbone. Wakey, wakey!

Both beers are available now in 473 ml cans at the Nickel Brook retail store and online shop.

Source & Photos: Nickel Brook Brewing mailing list

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