Short Finger Brewing Releases South Fargo Barrel Aged Sour

KITCHENER, ON – Short Finger Brewing has announced the release of its latest limited edition barrel aged beer.

South Fargo (5.5% abv) is a sour ale aged in a gin barrel with hibiscus, lemongrass, and chamomile> it’s described as follows:

You are on a beach in South Fargo. The weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders and you can feel the stress of life fade away as you sip the most delightful beer you have ever tasted. You can’t believe some random dude told you that this pink beverage was actually a beer, but you dismiss that handsome hobo from your mind. The dry acidity mixed with a beautiful boutique of wildflowers and sunshine is bliss. You are safe and free and no one can take that from you, because you are in South Fargo and they are looking for you in Fargo. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and all I have told you will be true.

South Fargo is available now in the Short Finger online shop, and at the brewery patio and retail store this Friday and Saturday.

Source & Photo: Short Finger Brewing mailing list

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