Another Beer Co. Releases This Pilsner Is A Lager

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – Another Beer Co. has announced the release of a new beer with a self-explanatory name.

This Pilsner Is A Lager (5% abv) is described as follows:

Fun fact, pilsners are lagers and Czech Pilsner is the GOAT. Crisp & light, with faint, balanced notes of burnt toffee, caramel, spice and bold underlying bitterness. Yep, that bitterness, the thing that is woefully cast aside in pursuit of sweet ‘juice’ like flavours, is clutch. This lager keeps pulling you in, demanding your attention on hot days, rainy days, labour days, everydays.

This Pilsner Is A Lager is available now at brewery retail store and online shop.

Source: Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter
Photo: Another Beer Co. Facebook page

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