Blindman Brewing Releases Oaked Brett Saison

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the latest release in its Bières de Coupage series of barrel-fermented and blended beers.

Oaked Brett Saison (6.6% abv) is a dry Saison fermented in Okanagan wine barrels using a unique Brett-M yeast strain from Escarpment Labs. It’s described as follows:

There is something special about oak barrels and the art of making them. The natural inherent beauty of them. The rich aroma of a room filled high with them. The flavours they impart that are impossible to replicate. The imperfections and the labour of handling them. The unknown and the risk of failure. Each barrel that this Brett saison was aged in was assembled by hand using a technique that has been nearly unchanged for hundreds and thousands of years. A trade that needs strong hands and backs and an eye for picking the right logs; without too many burls or knots or scars or timber streak. We hope you’ll enjoy this marriage of our craft and the Mullage of French and American oak barrels from various Cooper ridges – and the craft of the unknown and honoured coopers who built them.

Oaked Brett Saison will be available at the Blindman taproom and online shop, and at select beer retailers in Alberta, while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing

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