Phillips Brewing Releases Crangerine Dream Cranberry Tangerine Ale and Space Goat Juicy IPA

VICTORIA, BC – Phillips Brewing has announced the release of new autumn seasonal, as well as an updated version of an old favourite.

Crangerine Dream (5% abv) is a new Cranberry Tangerine Ale described as follows:

This crushable fruit-forward ale blends the crisp tartness of cranberries with a bright sweetness from the tangerines. Refreshingly sweet and tart, this ale has a generous portion of wheat malt in the mash for a creamy, smooth mouthfeel. Like a dreamy late afternoon sunset, Crangerine Dream pours a hazy coral pink with a dense white foam cap that looks as great as it tastes.

Space Goat (6.2% abv) is back with a few tweaks:

After debuting as a Pale Ale, we’ve added a few more flavour boosters here at Mission Control and are ready to send Space Goat back to the International Taste Station. Aromas of orange peel and melon provide a tropical backdrop for the citrus forward hops we used with a full payload of juicy flavour. Space Goat is ready to blast your tastebuds into another dimension on a silky smooth ride through the stratosbeer.

Both beers are available now at the Phillips Brewing retail store and select private beer retailers in British Columbia.

Source & Photo: Phillips Brewing

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