Henderson Brewing Launches The Myth of Permanence Lager Series

TORONTO, ON – Henderson Brewing has announced the launch of a new monthly series dedicated to “exploring the many styles of lager.”

The Myth of Permanence series will run for 12 months, and has launched with The Myth of Permanence 001: Märzen (6% abv), which is described as follows:

Sweet malt, rich toasty notes, mild floral hops, just enough hop bitterness to balance the rich malt. Medium body with rich malt presence, creamy finish with tingling carbonation cleansing the palate. Overall, a Märzen with rich malt notes and enough hops to balance.

The Myth of Permanence 001: Märzen is available now at the Henderson Brewing retail store and online shop while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Henderson Brewing mailing list

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