Upstreet Craft Brewing Launches Libra Non-Alcoholic Beer Line with North Cape Pale Ale

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – Upstreet Craft Brewing has announced the launch of a new line of non-alcoholic beers under the brand name Libra.

In the works for two years, Libra has the following backstory:

Libra was inspired by the need for finding balance. It wasn’t long before we discovered that working in the beverage industry required constant sampling and socializing, beer being at the center of it all. With a motivation to socialize without sacrifice, a non-alcoholic beer seemed like the answer to finding our balance. With Libra, you can enjoy the same great hops and flavours while consuming only a fraction of the calories and no alcohol. Even better, you can indulge in Libra without experiencing any hangover symptoms. All of the fun and none of the headaches!

The first beer in the Libra portfolio is North Cape Pale Ale (0.4% abv), which the brewery says is “essentially brewed the same way as our other alcoholic beer [with] small tweaks throughout the process to ensure the beer doesn’t ferment past 0.4% alcohol, while still allowing for full-body flavours.”

It’s further described as follows:

At 30 calories a can, Libra is a light, crisp pale ale with a refreshing amount of citrus hoppiness, and a crisp finish. The desired hops and aromas of craft beer are not compromised for containing only 0.4% alcohol. While the North Cape embodies only a fraction of the calories and alcohol contents a normal craft beer would, it leaves you feeling refreshed, rather than run down.

Libra North Cape Pale Ale is available now at both Upstreet locations in Charlottetown, and soon at the Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse in Dartmouth. It can also be ordered online for delivery across Canada.

For more details, see the Libra website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed.

Source: Atlantic Canada Beer Blog
Photo: Libra website

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