Highlander Brew Co. Rebranding as South River Brewing

SOUTH RIVER, ON – Highlander Brew Co. has announced that it is changing its business name and branding, and will now be known as South River Brewing.

In a social media post regarding the transition, the brewery states that the change is being made to “better reflect our location and heritage within the region and community.”

The statement also notes that the brewery will continue making the same beers using the same recipes, including its flagship Scottish Ale and Smoked Porter beers.

(UPDATE: An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that South River Brewing would continue to use the Highlander brand name on its Scottish Ale and Smoked Porter. A later statement from the brewery clarified that while it would continue brewing the beers, the Highlander name would no longer be used. CBN apologizes for the error.)

Source & Photo: South River Brewing Facebook page

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