Lake of Bays Brewing Expands Capacity for Partner Brewing Program

BAYSVILLE, ON – Lake of Bays Brewing has announced that an upcoming equipment addition at its primary brewing location in Baysville, Ontario has led to increased capacity for its partner brewing program.

Several new fermentation tanks arriving in the spring will increase brewing capacity by 30%, which will allow the brewery to offer more opportunities for both start-up and established brewers to contract product of batches of beer in quantities starting at 50 hl.

As described in the press release:

Lake of Bays will be well equipped to add to their service levels providing expert brewing along side that amazing fresh water source only found in the Muskoka lakes. Streamlining the program in 2021, 50hl and 100hl brews will be available and all that needs to be provided is the recipe, cans & trays and/or kegs – Lake of Bays Brewing Company does the rest. Take advantage of cost-effective shipping from the Lake of Bays central warehouse in Bracebridge for LCBO, Beer Store and grocery distribution or simply a pick up as needed – its up to you.

For more details on the Lake of Bays partner brewing program, see the info page on the brewery’s website.

Source & Photo: Lake of Bays Brewing

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