Field House Brewing Releasing Nordic Dry-Hopped Sour and Nordic Pale

ABBOTSFORD, BC – Field House Brewing has announced the next two releases in its “single hop Kveik series exploring new ways ancient yeasts, traditional grains, and newly cultivated hops interplay to create something unique.”

Nordic Dry-Hopped Sour (6.7% abv):

This sour-based beer features rye malt and an Ebbegarden Kveik yeast blend. We then dry-hopped it solely with Topaz, a resinous Australian hop with light notes of spice & lychee.

Nordic Pale (6% abv):

This Pale Ale features a base heavy in oats providing a platform to showcase Talus, a new Neo-Mexicanus hop native to North America, boasting notes of tropical fruit, bitter citrus, and coconut-like its relative Sabro. The Ebbegarden Kveik yeast melds well, adding its own tropical fruit aromas in this balanced modern Pale Ale.

Both beers will be released tomorrow (Thursday March 18th), and can be pre-ordered now via the Field House online store.

Source & Photos: Field House Brewing mailing list

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