Short Finger Brewing Releases Raspberry NoNo Sour Raspberry Stout

KITCHENER, ON – Short Finger Brewing has announced the release of its latest limited edition beer.

Raspberry NoNo (7% abv) is a sour stout with lactose and raspberry that is described as follows:

Another way to describe this beer is technically Sour Milk Stout… but that just doesn’t sound super appealing. This year’s blend is 40% 14-month stainless aged Sour Raspberry Milk Stout plus 60% of the 12-month barrel aged version. Sour Milk Stout is a nonsense style but, for a sour lover, this is a must-have. At the brewery, we like to describe this beer as a Flanders Red that has too much colour.

Raspberry NoNo is available now at the Short Finger retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Short Finger Brewing mailing list

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