Stone Angel Brewing Releases Duff’s Ditch Cream Ale

WINNIPEG, MB – Stone Angel Brewing has announced the launch of a new beer that is “named after one of the great Canadian engineering feats of the 20th Century.”

Duff’s Ditch Cream Ale (4.5% abv) is described as follows:

Originally finished in 1968, the 47km long Winnipeg Floodway (nicknamed Duff’s Ditch after Premier Duff Roblin) is the finest example of Manitoba’s can-do spirit – built by one political party, later extended by another. This cream ale is designed as the after-work beer of the working men and women who have built this province and its infrastructure. Nothing fancy, a straight-up beer for straight-up folks, a beer for after a days work. Enjoy!

Duff’s Ditch is available now at the Stone Angel taproom and online shop, and soon at select beer retailers and licensees.

Source & Photo: Stone Angel Brewing

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