Half Hours on Earth Releases Fleet Awakening and Polar Lightning Strike Dessert Pale Ales

SEAFORTH, ON – Half Hours on Earth has announced the release of two new “dessert pale ales”.

Fleet Awakening Raspberry White Chocolate Rosemary Vanilla Dessert Pale Ale (5.5% abv) and Polar Lightning Strike Blueberry Marshmallow Lemon Vanilla Shortbread Square Dessert Pale Ale (5.5% abv) come with the following explanation:

These two beers differ compared to some of our other canned offerings with a little less pucker factor. Here, the acidity is mostly from the fruit itself, rather than souring bacteria. Combined with a lower abv, these are the ultimate comfort-crushers for the warmer days ahead!

Both beers are available now at the Half Hours on Earth brewery store and online shop while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Half Hours on Earth mailing list

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