Trestle Brewing Releases Nancy’s Wit and Boneyard Bay White IPA

PARRY SOUND, ON – Trestle Brewing has announced the release of two new beers.

Nancy’s Wit (4.8% abv):

This beer is pretty special for many reasons! Not only is it refreshing with subtle notes of lemon grass and Indian coriander, it is named as a tribute to our owner Chris’ mother, Nancy. This was her favourite beer when Matt Lyons brewed it as a test batch way back in 2017.

In 1945, Nancy was cited to appear in juvenile court for “riding abreast of two other persons on her bicycle”. While she cannot remember this offence due to advancing dementia, we can remember it for her and find humour in it while toasting a Nancy’s Wit.

Boneyard Bay White IPA (6.5% abv):

Named after the unique watery graveyard just a few hundred meters south of our town dock. Most of the vessels laid to rest here were scuttled, meaning the owners salvaged what they wanted and towed the hull here for a final resting place. Skeletal rib-like remains of once mighty vessels can still be seen below the surface of the clear blue water. This should serve as a reminder to take care of our natural environment and that Georgian Bay is not a dumping ground.

BYB is a hybrid of 2 styles using pilsner and flaked wheat as the malt base, and a traditional fruity wit yeast strain to provide subtle baking spice and orchard fruit aromas. Loads of peach, citrus and subtle white wine flavours, perfect for warm sunny days ahead.

Both beers are available now at the Trestle Brewing retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Trestle Brewing mailing list

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