Grain & Grit Beer Co. Releases Two Versions of Free Spirit Wheat Beer with Fruit

HAMILTON, ON – Grain & Grit Beer Co. has announced a new batch of a fruit-infused wheat beer that had a popular release back in February, accompanied this time by an alternately flavoured version.

Free Spirit Wheat Beer with Mango (5% abv):

We changed up the type of mango that we used in Free Spirit this time around, and we used Totapuri Mango, which is more tangy with less sweetness than the Alphonso Mango that we used in our first batch. We also added chamomile and lemon zest to the party to brighten up the mango and add more depth of flavours. Bright, fresh aromas of basil, freshly squeezed lemonade and juicy mangos with a lingering finish of rising bread dough on the nose. Bold flavours of fruity green mango, lemon curd and sweet, floral chamomile make way for a herbal thai basil note and candy black liquorice that sits on your palate long after you finish.

Free Spirit Wheat Beer with Strawberry & Banana (5% abv):

Brewed with strawberry and banana, this German-style wheat beer gives off aromas of homemade strawberry jam on toasted brioche, with floral sweet aromas of cream soda, flowers and wildflower honey. This sweet, refreshing wheat beer is a perfect accompaniment for Spring. Medium to full bodied with pronounced flavours of spicy banana bread, strawberry shortbread and sarsaparilla . Finishes off-dry with a tart note of unripe strawberry that sits on your palate.

Both beers are available now at the Grain & Grit retail store and online shop while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Grain & Grit Beer Co.

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