Great Lakes Brewery Releases FRUST! A Fruited IPA

TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery has announced the release of a new variant on its ever-popular THURST! An IPA.

FRUST! A Fruited IPA (6.5% abv):

First, the image of a beer with a deep copper hue, topped with a rocky white head, burns into your visual cortex. Soon your olfactory bulb should be awoken as the massive dry-hop propels a supersonic aroma of grapefruit, mango, grape, stone fruit and lychee hurling into your parietal lobe. Resisting the impulse to continue smelling the beer, you pound back a gulp which elicits a poking and prodding of tropical fruit and resin on your taste buds. Your palate soon succumbs as THRUST! penetrates and perforates, eventually becoming your new reality. As if that wasn’t enough, let’s heap some passionfruit on all that.

FRUST! – as well as a fresh batch of THRUST! – will be released today (July 8th) at 4:00 PM in the Great Lakes retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Great Lakes Brewery

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